Safe Opening Service

You might be wondering, "can locksmiths open safes?" well here at Siouxland Lock & Key, we can! Safes are arguably the most important assets individuals can have, which is why we ensure access to them is not compromised. With our experienced personnel, we are able to offer safe opening service, lock changes, and replacements on safes. We are also effective in structuring security safe combinations to increase overall security of valuable items.

We are a reliable company in Sioux City, IA with the equipment and personnel who can handle safes, and their lock mechanisms, in a seamless manner. Our clients can also get access to safe lock rekeying services. We generate smart keys and ensure that top security locks and keys are in place. Our Siouxland locksmith service also caters to safe unlocking and access control systems for safes to ensure unauthorized access is limited.

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Sioux City Safe Unlocking & Opening

Siouxland Lock and Key of Sioux City, IA, opens faulty safe locks and offers safe repair and maintenance for residential, commercial and municipal customers. A safe is one of the most important things individuals or businesses can own; it helps secure important documents and valuable items to which access may be critical, including firearms. If you are locked out of your safe, vault or strongroom because you’ve lost the key, forgotten the combination, or the lock itself is malfunctioning, you’ve come to the right place.

Need help to open your safe in Sioux City? Relax, help is just a phone call away.

Our trained safe locksmiths can open safes, lock changes, lock re-keying, and lock replacements on safes. We generate smart keys and ensure that security locks and keys are in place. Additionally, we can configure security-safe combinations to increase the overall protection of your stored items.

Safe opening is an age-old skill requiring an expert eye, keen ear, steady hand, and, when necessary, state-of-the-art equipment like endoscopes, videoscopes and specialized drills. Hiring an inexperienced or untrustworthy person to gain access to the contents of your safe when you are locked out, can be costly or dangerous. When you know what you are doing, it is entirely possible to breach most safes without damage, leaving the safe in good working order. At Siouxland Lock and Key, our goal is to use picking or manipulation methods whenever we can. As a last resort, we can use force methods to access secured items.

In search of safe opening services in Sioux City? You’ve come to the right place, Siouxland Lock and Key. Call our safe locksmith today.

Safe Lock Maintenance in Sioux City

A safe lock will fail for many reasons. Sometimes the parts simply wear out or become loose from overuse. In addition, batteries in electronic safes need to be changed regularly, and should be checked any time the lock sounds or acts strangely. Regular maintenance on locks and security control systems on safes, vaults and safe rooms can prevent major headaches down the road. Repairing an unlocked safe is far easier than opening one with a broken lock.

Safe Lock Combination Changes

Has a former friend, family member or employee left with the combination to your safe? We can change the combination on your safe to ensure that unauthorized access to the contents is limited to the right people. It’s a good idea to change the combination on your business safe, vault or strongroom at least annually. Ask about our key replacement services if you need additional assurance.

Emergency Safe Opening in Sioux City

No matter the hour, if you are locked out and need to open a safe, Sioux City area’s Siouxland Lock and Key can help. One of our safe locksmiths will be there in a jiffy.

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Types of Safes

Safes for sale
Amsec 5517E5

Locked out Sioux City
Firerated TF Series Gunsafe

Amsec 5517E5

Firerated TF Series Gun Safe
  • Fire protection of 1200°F for 30 mins
  • 3/16” Steel Plate Door with 2 layers of fire insulation
  • Exterior Dimension 55 ¼” X 17 5/16” X 16”
  • Weight 256 lbs.
  • 11 Guns Capacity

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Amsec 1913E

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Composite Residential Fire & Burglary

Amsec 1913E

Composite Residential Fire & Burglary
  • Passed 2hr factory fire test at 350°F
  • Meets residential security container label
  • Inside 19” X 12 ½” X 12 ¼”
  • Outside: 24 ½” X 18” X 19 7/8”
  • Weight 318 lbs

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Amsec FV6032

Safe opening locksmith
Amsec Fire rated gun safe

Amsec FV6032

Amsec Fire rated gun safe
  • 1200°F for 45 minutes
  • Warranty, parts and labor for 1 year
  • Weight 388 lbs
  • Dimensions: 59 X 30 X 21

Safes in Sioux City for Sale by Locksmith
Amsec G1812E | Amsec 1511E | Amsec G1812

Amsec G1812E

  • 350°F Fire and Impact
  • Lifetime Fire Replacement Warrenty
  • Inside: 18 ½” X 12 ½” X 12”
  • Outside: 25 X 18”X 18”
  • Cubic Capacity 2775
  • Weight: 250 lbs

Amsec 1511E

  • Easy Operation allows fast access
  • Digital lock requires 2-9 volt batteries
  • Inside dimensions: 15” X 11 ½” X 12”
  • Outside Dimensions: 21 ½” X 17” X 18”
  • Weight 185 lbs
  • Cubic Capacity 2070

Amsec G1812

  • 350° Fire and impact
  • Lifetime fire replacement warrenty
  • Inside: 18 ½” X 12 ½” X 12
  • Outside 25” X 18” X 18”
  • Cubic Capacity 2775
  • Weight 250 lbs

We’re the Sioux City safe locksmith that can manage any emergency car door unlocking, emergency ignition repair, residential and commercial lock replacement and key extraction for any lock. We also offer lock duplication, deadbolt lock installation and key generation for locks that have problematic access panels.

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We’re located at 216 W 7th Street
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